Rules for Gaming

A Brief Outline

Venue Agreement

  • There must be a current signed venue agreement in place at all times.
  • The venue agreement will specify the operator and Trust, and the responsibilities of each party.
  • There will be a person nominated by the operator who will be responsible for managing the gaming operation at the venue. 
  • The requirements of the Gambling Act 2003, associated regulations and licence conditions will be satisfied at all times.
  • Gaming machine profit must be banked every week.
  • The gaming float must be provided by the venue.

Operation of Gaming Machines

  • All operators will be trained on how to access the necessary reports and on basic machine maintenance eg clearing coin jams, completing a refill.
  • All gaming funds will be deposited via coded deposit slip into the Trust bank account.
  • The Trust will supply a statement every four weeks which will show the gaming machine profit banked and the expenses allocated to the site, including venue payment earned.

The expenses are made up of the following items:

  • Duty 20% of gaming machine profit banked
  • GST
  • Finance cost on equipment
  • Service of equipment 
  • Administration
  • Community Funding - minimum of 40% of gaming machine profit
  • Venue payment

Funding Disbursement

  • The venue operator will make application forms available to all organisations that wish to apply for funding.
  • Venue operators cannot approve or decline funding applications.
  • All complete applications are to be forwarded to the Trust for processing and payment.
  • Funding applications will be dealt with by the Trust as soon as practical once they are received in the office.
  • All funding paid will be audited by the Trust.

To visit the Department of Internal Affairs website and learn more about class 4 gaming and the Gambling Act 2003 click here.