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Problem Gambling Identification

The Southern Trust has developed a policy for identifying problem gamblers.  Venue managers are required to use the policy to identify actual or potential problem gamblers, approach any person identified, and offer information or advice to the person.

It is recognised that problem gamblers may exhibit behaviours that indicate they are experiencing gambling problems.  Indicators may be witnessed first hand by the venue manager or his/her staff, or may be observed by other patrons and brought to the attention of venue staff.  It is generally only reasonable to believe that a person may be experiencing a problem if several indicators are apparent over an extended period of time.  Staff at this venue will approach patrons who display a number of the indicators and will offer information regarding problem gambling.  Patrons are encouraged to monitor their own behaviour in regard to the listed indicators.


  • Waiting for venue to open and/or last to leave on closing
  • Frequent attendance
  • Gambling is priority (before family, friends, work, self – hygiene/attire)

Level of play

  • Extended periods of play
  • High gambling rate (dollars spent and/or number of credits and lines played)


  • Mood swings (from excited to depressed, from happy to angry)
  • Isolated behaviour
  • Argumentative, irritable or anxious
  • Lack of stimulation (desensitised to the “thrill” of winning)


  • Threats of violence
  • Talk of debts
  • Talk of needing to win

Loss of Control

  • Chasing losses
  • Replaying winnings, rarely quitting while ahead
  • Reckless play or erratic behaviour
  • Repeat money withdrawals
  • Insufficient available funds
  • Begging/borrowing money

Loss of insight

  • Denial or unawareness of problem
  • Will not listen to reason

Real Fun Starts As Fun And Ends As Fun.
Addictive Behaviour Starts As Fun And Ends As Depression.
Gambling Is Entertainment And Should Be Enjoyed.

Further responsible gambling links and information... 

Gambling Helpline 24 hrs, 365 days
ph 0800 654 655
Text 4 Free 8006
Salvation Army Oasis Service Salvation Army Website
Problem Gambling Foundation www.pgfnz.org.nz
Gambling Debt Helpline
ph 0800 654 658
Maori Gambling Helpline ph 0800 654 656
Pacifica Gambling Helpline ph 0800 654 657
 Youth Gambling Helpline

ph 0800 654 659