Karen Shea

CEO and Trustee

DDI: (03) 4716601  

I have been involved with the Southern Trust from its inception and have seen its growth over the last few years. The Southern Trust and the gaming industry as a whole is a vibrant and exciting industry to be involved with, I enjoy the challenges that are a part of daily life.

The gaming industry is currently going through a time of major change, all the different factions within the industry need to work together where there are common goal and objectives. If we want the change to be positive the industry needs to work in a focussed and organised way to ensure that the politicians hear and take notice of what we say.

I am supported in my role as executive officer by a team of people who are focused on customer service and who are passionate about our organisation and what we want to achieve.

I am always happy to talk to site operators and listen to what they have to say. I look forward to continuing and building relationships with our site operators and other stakeholders within the industry.