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 From its modest beginnings in Dunedin in 1998,
the Southern Trust has grown to be one of the
top 5 gaming trusts in the country.

Community Funding

The Southern Trust is required under the terms and conditions of our license issued by the Department of Internal Affairs to return at least 40% of gaming machine proceeds to the community. We strive to return as much as possible to communities through funding. We provide funding to amateur sport, education, community purposes, welfare organizations and arts and culture. The majority of families within New Zealand have received benefit, either directly or indirectly, from gaming machine proceeds through our funding, which support a huge diversity of organizations and communities.

Venue Operators

We would not be able to achieve the results we have without our venue operators. These are the people who choose to operate gaming machines as a tool to raise funds to be distributed within their local communities. Venue operators are an integral part of what we do. They must look after the administration associated with the conduct of gaming on their premises and meet various legislative requirements. In return for performing these duties venue operators are paid an amount that is approved by the Department of Internal Affairs. Our venue operators make funding application forms available for the local community to access, but they are not able to make recommendations on what applications are approved or declined. Any applicant with queries or who requires information should contact the Southern Trust directly.